Web Design - FAQs

Designing and developing a web site can seem like a daunting task however we have created some frequently asked web design questions to help you get started with your web site. If you do not see an answer to a web design question you have just click here to contact us and we will provide the answer as quickly as possible.

What is the first step?

The first step is to contact Saisha and share your web design needs. If this is your first time designing a website and you need help with where to start, then we have a web site development worksheet that you can fill online by clicking here. This worksheet is merely a tool that you can use to get your thoughts on paper. If it helps you, then please fill it out. Once the worksheet is complete, send it to us via email to info[at]saishacreations.com. This will help us give you an accurate web site design estimate and will speed up getting the web design process started. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then skip the web worksheet and simply contact us. Once we have an idea of what your needs are, then we can provide a quote. As soon as the quote is signed and the initial deposit is made, we will begin actively working on your web site development.

How long will it take to design my web site?

Each web site design is different and depending on the complexity can take anywhere from one week to several months. When we send the estimate, it will include a projected time line so you can see when each phase of the design will be completed.

How much will my web site design and development cost?

Each web site design is unique and so will have a different cost. This is why completing the web site design worksheet, or by providing as detailed information as possible, helps us prepare a very accurate quote of how much your web site development will cost.

Why should I choose Saisha to do my web site design?

We realize there are many web design companies so it can be a difficult decision. We are set apart from other companies by the quality and uniqueness of the designs we develop as well as quick response time in completing web site updates. Our costs are affordable and we are able to handle all components of getting your web site up and running; from registering your domain name to managing your web hosting. Check out our web hosting page for information on our web hosting packages.

Why do I need a web site?

Each day more and more people are getting on the internet and are searching for services and products. By having a web site designed for your business you can increase your sales of services and products you offer. You are not limited to just marketing in a specific area as your web site can be viewed all over the world. People can also come to your web site just to find out information such as your location or to find your email address so they can contact you for more information about your service or product. In addition having a web site will help you remain competitive with other similar businesses.

Will my web site show up in the search engines?

We offer Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services that can be added to your web site development package which will help your site rank much higher in the search engines. Even if you do not choose to use our search engine optimization services we will still design your web site so it is search engine friendly and will give you some information about how you can make your web site rank higher in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization can be added to your site at any time and even if you did not have Saisha design your website, we can still do SEO work on your site for you. Keep in mind that just because you have Saisha (or anyone for that matter) design a website for you, does not mean that anyone on the internet will find it. We highly recommend starting SEO on your site today.