Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"You can build a graphic rich beautiful website working in all popular web browsers. Content of your website is the key to position your website available in all leading Search Engines."

It is always a pleasure to see your website in first result page of the leading search engines. At Saisha we facilitate optimisation of your website content to make the design and code search engine friendly.

First we determine the keywords and key phrases that best describe your business or website. Then we add META tags for few top search engines. Please note it is not essential that we achieve top ranking with inclusion of keyword, phrases or META tags. There are many other key elements, which play important role, like the process of Key Density Analysis. This is important to adjust the word density as required.

Search Crawlers follow the links, it is important that you have proper links with in your websites so that the chances of deep crawling increase. Normally a website with more frames complicates the crawling and orphan window indexing and there is every possibility that search engines won't even enter a website with frames. We make sure your site has ease of navigation from wide variety of client platforms.

The search engines keep changing their specifications and in such a scenario it becomes important to make changes to your website code and content to maintain search engine ranking. At Saisha we provide annual maintenance SEO services to handle such situations.

We make sure your website is friendly and attractive to the most popular Search Engines and Directories :